Tango 2 – Day 17

Posted Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 9:14 am

Tango Trip Update Day 17

This morning the staff woke up super early to de-dock us from Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor and motor the boat to the Baths while the crew slept in.  Once at the Baths everyone rolled out of bed, ate breakfast, and started tidying up the boat so we could go to shore.    Once we were all ashore Lily led us on the amazing hike through the Baths, and a snorkel around the submerged granite boulders on the way back.  During the snorkel we saw some beautiful coral formations as well as tons of tropical fish, including the elusive Midnight Parrot Fish. Once the snorkel was finished we all gathered back on shore for a hydration game. After we were hydrated, Lily gave a great lesson on the history behind the Baths and also spoke about the fact that it is a marine sanctuary that we must help preserve.

When we started getting hungry for lunch, we headed back to the boat where we dropped the mooring ball, set a course, and pulled out our gennaker!  Lunch was about ready once our sails were set, so we all sat down to eat B.L.T.’s and mango. Once lunch was finished we were almost to Marina Cay, our destination for the night. We furled the sail and got in our positions for picking up a mooring ball.

Once on the ball at Marina we enjoyed some swim time and snorkeling before showering and doing evening chores.  We sat down to eat shrimp and pasta with red sauce for dinner, then went ashore for virgin drinks and boat meeting on the beach.  A game of soccer rounded out the evening.  It was fun to discuss our last couple days on the water, and how this has been such an amazing program so far.  Tomorrow we have a morning dive, so after meeting it was time to head back to boats and get some much deserved rest.


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