Sierra 2 – Day 17

Posted Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Sierra 2 Trip Update Day 17 – Shandy, Mate

Today was a day of science and diving. The first dive this morning was at the Seal Dogs. As soon as we jumped into the water we were surrounded by a cloud of harmless yet beautiful Moon Jellies. Underwater students performed some community service by completing a REEF Check and Coral Watch Surveys. Desda and some of her students even saw a spotted Moray Eel! The second dive was at Dolphin Rock, where everyone was given a marine biology question to investigate. One group looked for examples of symbiosis, and another observed fish behavior.

After our dives we were all excited to get off docks and get sailing!  Once off shore we raised our sails and headed downwind towards Long Bay. Upon arrival we found Long Bay to be quite crowded, so after a brief recap of our dive investigations we swiftly departed for a quieter anchorage.  This evening finds us at Marina Cay preparing for our lessons to the local Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) students tomorrow.  We are all excited to hang out with the YEP students tomorrow, and are most excited to share with them our excitement for the ocean and the things we’ve learned over the past three weeks!


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