Foxtrot 2 – Day 17

Posted Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

Foxtrot 2 Trip Update Day 17 – Sam, Captain

Today we got to sleep in, which was the perfect start to an even better day. After making muffin cake for breakfast, we got out of the heat of docks by basking in the air-conditioned shops at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor.  Then to spice things up we had students switch boats for our sail to Great Harbor, Peter Island.  Students did a great job casting off lines and getting us safely off docks so we could continue our adventures! It was a lot of fun sailing downwind with only the gennaker raised against the perfectly blue sky.

Once we reached Great Harbor, we doused our sails and both boats were able to pick up the mooring balls without any problem. Then we had a tasty dinner of chicken alfredo pasta, which was the perfect fuel for the evening’s activity: a night dive at Painted Walls! This was most students’ first time diving after dark, and many the students’ highlight of the trip so far.  It was such an otherworldly sight to be look up at the moon from 50 feet below the ocean’s surface.  We are so lucky to able to explore the nighttime underwater world of the warm Caribbean waters! Can this trip get any cooler? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.


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