Charlie 2 – Day 14

Posted Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 9:47 am

Charlie 2 Trip Update Day 14 – Jake, student

Today was an extremely fun filled and eventful day on Venture. We all awoke at around 7:00 a.m. to get started on our breakfast of eggs and toast. Sara and Andrew prepared the delicious meal which fueled us for the rest of our busy day.  By 8:30 a.m. we were on the dive boat headed toward The Maze to finish up our Rescue Diver training. When we arrived, our SCUBA instructors Steve and Amie split us up into two group along with some of the students from Buoyant Asset. Luke, the Dive Master, got in the water to be the victim in our first scenario of the day.  As he pretended to be missing, Hannah, Elizabeth, Andrew, Will, Sam, and I got in the water for the search.  When we found Luke, our instructor Steve started to pretend he had been stung by a Box Jellyfish.  This gave us the extra challenge of rescuing two victims who had different emergencies at the same time.  We saved both victims, and to our surprise, although the scenario seemed short the total time was just three minutes shy of an hour from start to finish. After we completed the scenario, we were officially certified Rescue Divers!

After the morning’s excitement, it was back to boats for race day! We pumped up the volume on the stereo and got ready to rock the seas cause we are the Venture crew!  After the race was finished (we sailed from Trellis to the Bitter End) we found out we came in 4th place which is good because we were sailing a Beneteau 50′, which has 10′ less sail area than the Harmony 52’s we passed.   But all in all we were good sports and had a jolly time. We then prepared for Chili Cook-off. Master Chef Lucas prepped the chili as Hannah prepped some home made chocolate sauce and biscuits. Our theme for Chili Cook-off was the Lion King. Rob, our glorious captain, played the part of Rafiki, Lucas and Hannah were Simba’s parents, Sara, Jake, Andrew, and Elizabeth were the animals of the kingdom, and Chad and Jon were Pumba and Timon.  We thought we had some of the best chili around and then had a chance to enjoy it ourselves after the Chileans (our judges) left. We then hunkered down for the evening, ready for a fun day at Bitter End all day tomorrow.


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