Alpha 3 – Day 6

Posted Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 8:39 am

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 6 – Katelynn, Fleet Captain

After a morning filled with wandering the shops, and cards games on board, we prepped our boats to de-dock from Leverick Bay and set sail for Trellis Bay. With Mencia at the helm, Persephone headed off the dock first, and motored out of the North Sound. Outside the Sound, Tyler stepped up and helped take control of our sail raising and preventer tying. Underway, we ate Greek pitas prepared carefully by Will and Abby down below. Right as we finished lunch, some rain storms came through and some of us ran below to hide from the rain and play a game of apples to apples. Once the rain stopped, everybody hopped in the cockpit for gybing practice with Mencia at the helm.

Near our destination we dropped sails and motored into the Trellis Bay mooring. We did a great job of being patient picking up the ball, and once we had succeeded we prepped to go ashore for the truck tour! Abby, Matt, Sarah, and Will joined Joe, Skye, and Helen from Isle of Skye loaded up in the truck for a wild ride around Tortola. Once the truck tour was done, everybody headed back to boats super pumped to begin preparing for the Chili Cook-off. When the two crazy Chileans arrived, they were greeted with a boat wash on Persephone, and a showing of Peter Pan on Isle of Skye. The chili was delicious, and everybody had a great time getting into the theme. Super tired after such an eventful day, everybody pitched in to clean up from the chili so that we could have boat meeting and get into bed nice and early in anticipation of tomorrow’s activities.


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