Foxtrot 2 – Day 16

Posted Sunday, July 29th, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Foxtrot 2 Trip Update Day 16 – Steph, Mate

Today was the start of the Sail Caribbean Olympic games. The students woke with a spirit of competition and after a champions breakfast they traveled to the beach of Long Bay flying their boat flags with pride. The first of the day’s events was the Tug-of-War, and within 2 matches Van Gogh had clamed victory over Da Vinci. This event was followed by the epic Mask, Fin, and Snorkel Race and then the Sand Art Challenge, in which the crews worked to bury their captains in the beach of Long Bay and turn them in to wonderful works of art. Da Vinci made their captain Beta into Sponge Bob, giving a wonderful performance of the Sponge Bob theme song. Van Gogh followed Da Vinci in the sand art competition, turning there caption Sam into an artistic interpretation of the challenging life of a sea turtle and the importance of protecting them. The games were brought to a close with the synchronized swimming event, both boats giving a valiant effort as they performed an original piece with both singing and a choreographed water dancing.

After a victory lunch the students spent the day sailing from Long Bay to the island of Virgin Gorda. The day was perfect for sailing, the waves were gentle and the breezes were strong. As the students crossed the Sir Francis Drake Channel, they were challenged with a man over board drill. As Timmy the fender flew overboard the students jumped in to action. With one student at the helm, the others teamed up to turn the boat around and come to the rescue of their lost comrade. After a few fun hours of sailing the students brought the boats in to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor docks. With perfect turns and great line throws the students safely brought the boats into harbor.

On docks the Foxtrot students joined forces with both the Tango and Sierra programs for a Talent/No Talent Show. We were moved by the beautiful voices of Sofi, Maria, Kyle, and Ben as they performed a song, and Conner also moved the crowds with a dramatic monologue that sent a silence across the crowd, only to be interrupted at the end with a thunderous applause. The no-talents had their place to, and they brought laughter to the audience with hot sauce drinking, ear wiggling, and great impersonations of the Tango staff.

Another great day on Foxtrot came to a close as the sun sank below the horizon and the stars speckling the night sky called us all to rest.


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