Alpha 3 – Day 5

Posted Sunday, July 29th, 2012 at 8:56 am

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 5 – Katelynn, Fleet Captain

Good morning North Sound! We awoke this morning, and after a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, piled into the dinghy and our ski boat Hopi to head ashore to the Bitter End Yacht Club. Once we arrive on shore, we all trekked up the hill for a group hike. The views were beautiful and made for some great photos, and some of the group even got in a nice jog! Once back down the hill, everybody wandered around the Bitter End, enjoying the small boats, water sports, and beach time. Everyone especially love riding on the Poparazzi, an towable water toy on which you can sit, stand, kneel, or lay down!

After lunch and the afternoon spent enjoying all that the Bitter End has to offer, we headed back to boats and motored on over to Leverick Bay. On Persephone, Captain Abby guided us into a perfect docking, while Joe did the same on Isle of Skye. Once on dock, everyone had a little time to wander around the shops and the grocery store before returning to boats to cook up some veggie stir fry for dinner. Having gobbled up the delicious meal, it was time to clean the boat as quickly as possible in anticipation of the surprise waiting ashore. Once we headed to the beach, we discovered our surprise: the Jumbies! Everybody was intrigued by these dancers on stilts, and immediately joined in on the dancing. We danced until our feet hurt, and Mencia and Paula even sang us some Spanish songs. Finally, exhausted, we headed back home to our boats, and hit the sack for the night.


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