Foxtrot 2 – Day 15

Posted Saturday, July 28th, 2012 at 5:21 pm

Foxtrot 2 Trip Update Day 15 – Betsy, Fleet Captain & Provisons Manager Extraordinaire

After the perfect night sail to Monkey Point, the Foxtrot fleet was given a well deserved sleep-in on Day 15. Each crew woke up to the smell of southwestern eggs and after eating their fill (in some cases more than that) everyone grabbed their snorkel gear and jumped in for a reef check. After getting in touch with the marine bio side of the brain, the students swam to shore for a quick beach clean up. Once the reef was fully assessed and the beach once again pristine, it was back to boats for some water sports.

Through the late morning both Da Vinci and Van Gogh swapped out crewmates in rotations for a chance to show off their wakeboarding, skiing, and slaloming skills, or try a new sport they’ve never experienced. It was a relaxing afternoon filled with many options on how to spend free time: going out on the ski boat, going snorkeling, hanging out with boatmates, or even just spending some quiet time on the bow either soaking up the sun or reading a good book.

Everybody made one last cool-off jump into the water before dropping the mooring ball and heading for Long Bay. Each crew reviewed their anchor lessons before entering the bay, which greatly paid off resulting in smooth and skillful anchoring. After showers, both boats came together on Da Vinci for a feast of home cooked corn on the cob, savory ribs, and a fresh salad.

Once all the food was devoured and everyone’s dishes licked clean, the fleet headed to shore for a short truck ride over to Trellis Bay to spend the evening meeting up with the other Sail Caribbean fleets. All the students mixed and mingled making new friends as they danced with the stilted “Jumbies” to live music. The party was topped off with a dramatic and captivating Sail Caribbean Olympic Opening Ceremony, complete with flares, torches, and giant fiery Olympic rings. Once the fire coals were dying and the party was winding down, each crew hoped back in the truck for the quick ride back to Long Bay.  As soon as each dinghy was raised and locked, everyone quickly fell asleep, tired from an exciting and action-packed day.


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