Charlie 2 – Day 12

Posted Saturday, July 28th, 2012 at 5:22 pm

Charlie 2 Trip Update Day 12 – Luke, Mate

Today was a late wake-up followed by a lazy morning. After lounging around, Venture did a coral reef cleanup, which was very successful. Students counted the different types of trash they gathered and recorded the data so Project Aware can better understand what kind of pollution affects the area.  Afterward the cleanup, we all enjoyed water sports ranging from wake boarding to banana boating and tubing.  Later in the day most of the Venture crew were picked up by Sail Caribbean Divers to work on their Rescue Diver certifications.  The first day of the Rescue Diver course covered skills like the tired diver tow, underwater equipment removal and replacement, throwing flotation devices, and thinking before acting.  The divers had a great time!

At the end of the evening, the whole Sail Caribbean fleet – Charlie, Bravo, Foxtrot, Sierra, and Tango programs – celebrated the opening night of the Olympics with a Fireball Party at Trellis Bay.  Big metal sculptures on the beach were filled with wood and set on fire, setting a festive mood as students enjoyed virgin drinks, climbed the tree jungle gyms, and mingled with friends from other fleets.  The Ops team even built a set of flaming Olympic rings in honor of the night!  At around 10:00 p.m. it was back to boats for the evening, and everyone slept soundly after a fun and festive day.



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