Foxtrot 2 – Day 14

Posted Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 11:46 am

Foxtrot 2 Day 14 Trip Update – Emma, Program Director

Our day began before breakfast this morning.  Some of the staff got up super early and went looking for a turtle.  When Beta caught one they brought it to the boat so that we could have a lesson and tag the turtle.  Everyone gathered on Da Vinci as we measured, tagged, and photographed the small Green Turtle they had caught.  The Sierra program joined us too, and everyone was super quiet so as not to stress the turtle out.
Once we had all the measurements and we had tagged him, we released him and set about making breakfast.  Home fries and sausages were a big hit with all the crew and set us up for the rest of a very busy day.  We hiked to the Bubbly Pools in the morning where we explored and clambered on the rocks.  On the hike back we took a detour to the Mangroves and had a marine biology lesson about the importance of mangroves to the ecosystem.  We had a picnic lunch ashore and then headed back to the boats to see if we could catch some more turtles. 

There were so many of them in the Bay and we felt confident that we could catch at least one more.  Elena was successful and managed to catch another small Green Turtle.  We took it back to the boat where the entire crew participated in measuring, tagging, and photographing the turtle.  Elena even got the chance to name him, and so we gently slid Andy back into the water with his shiny new tags.
As the afternoon drew to an end, we prepared to set sail.  We got all the supplies needed for a night sail ready, prepared the boat, got our crew ready, and prepped dinner.  At dusk, we then set sail.  We enjoyed dinner underway as we headed around Sandy Cay and up towards Monkey Point.  The crew were all really excited about the night sail and took full advantage of the opportunity to star gaze.  

We sailed to Monkey Point where we picked up a mooring ball for the night.  Everyone was exhausted after such a long day, so we headed straight to bed.  Monkey looks beautiful at night, and we are all excited to wake up here tomorrow and see it in the daylight.


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