Bravo 2 – Day 11

Posted Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 11:13 am

Bravo 2 Day 11 Trip Update – Molly, Mate/Dive Coordinator

It was a really busy day on fleet with lots of diving and going ashore to explore Road Town. 
All of the certified divers on fleet had a chance to dive Wreck of the Rhone.  The RMS Rhone is one of the most famous wreck dives in the world!  Having sunk in a late-season hurricane about 160 years ago, the boat split in half leaving much of the bow section and the stern section exposed so you can see the boat’s mechanics.  At the time of its commissioning by Queen Victoria it was considered one of the more advanced ships on the sea.  It had both sails and a huge, revolutionary steam engine.  Like another famous English ship, it was considered unsinkable. 

There is a lot of lore about the Rhone, and a number of these stories connect with artifacts you can still see on the dive.  You can rub the lucky porthole, the only intact porthole supposedly belonging to the cabin of the lone, surviving passenger.  You can also see the teaspoon that Captain Woolley supposedly stirred his cup of tea with as he heard about the impending hurricane.  Fact or fiction, the interesting details of the Rhone dive make it incredibly interesting and fun.  It was a great dive for those certified Bravo divers.
While their crewmates dived the Rhone, the rest of the fleet had time in Road Town experiencing local Caribbean life.  Some of us stopped by the Spice Shop to pick up a few special ingredients for the Chili Cook-off, while others went to the ice cream and gelato store to enjoy something cool and refreshing.  The supermarket was a favorite destination as crew members were able to pick up snacks and sweets which they had been craving for days. 
After a busy morning, Monet and Monet 1 sailed upwind from Road Town Harbor to Long Bay, Beef Island.  Sao Jorge and Vivaldi met them in the picturesque anchorage.  In the evening, the Advanced Open Water students on Sao Jorge and Vivaldi completed their first certification dive, a night dive!  They saw some amazing sea animals, but also had an exciting time experiencing life underwater at night for the first time!  Monet and Monet 1, after a very American dinner of Mac ‘N Cheese, had a relaxing night on board.


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