Delta 2- Night Sail & Day 13

Posted Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 10:35 am

Trip Update Delta 2, Night sail and Day 13.  Eric von Aschwege

 The Delta fleet prepped their boats for their night sail by installing jack lines, checking navigation lights, and putting on safety harnesses which clip to the hand rails in the cockpit.  With the sun long below the horizon and a full set of stars in the sky, we pulled up our anchors and headed north following the coast of St. Kitts.  The wind stayed on our stern for a gentle broad reach sail until we rounded the point, where the wind strengthened.  On our beam reach course we flew along at over 8 knots towards St. Barths, each student having one or two “watches” in which they worked the boat from the cockpit with a staff member.  The weather made for one of the best night sails in years, and the stars were crystal clear, and students on both boats steered by the North star, which happened to be directly over St. Barths.  By early morning, the lights on St. Barths gave us a beacon head towards, and the early light of dawn soon highlighted the hills of the island.  The sky was purple and pink, and we could just make out the constellation Orion on his side before the sunlight made him disappear.  Arwen arrived in St. Barths first, but Patricia J. was only minutes behind, and both boats anchored quietly around 6am. 

Day 13:  We awoke again at 8:30 and waited for docking instructions from PD Eric on shore.  Arwen docked first, with Liz at the helm, for a super smooth parallel parking job!  Next came Patricia J. with Helena at the helm to fit in just ahead of Arwen.  Captains went to customs while Eric and Rob rented vehicles for the day; a van and a convertible Jeep!  Everyone piled into the vehicles and we drove to Airport Beach just across the island for a relaxing day of swimming and playing in the sand.  Students took turns riding in the Jeep with Eric and Holly for tours of the island, where we explored the narrow winding roads of this miniature French paradise. 

By 4pm we headed back to boats and took wonderfully refreshing fresh water showers – truly a luxury when living on board a boat.  Everyone put on their best clothes and we went out to dinner at Le Select, where Jimmy Buffet supposedly wrote “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.  The burgers did not disappoint, and everyone left the restaurant with full bellies… well, with JUST enough room left for a couple scoops of icecream from around the corner!   

Once back aboard the boats, the shortened hours of sleep from last night caught up to us and we all soon fell asleep.  The docks at St. Barths are quiet, despite being alongside the main road, and everyone will sleep well tonight.


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