Alpha 3 – Day 3

Posted Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 11:52 am

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 3 – Elise, Program Director

Today the Alpha crew woke up bright and early at beautiful Mountain Point. It was a cool breezy day and everyone started the morning by learning about navigation in the British Virgin Islands. Afterwards we headed out for a smooth downwind sail and learned about gybing and the different points of sail.  On Isle of Skye, Johnny was the skipper of the day and did a great job keeping a straight course down the Sir Francis Drake Channel. On Persephone Sarah was the skipper
of the day and did a fantastic job of taking the anchor up and mooring. She had
never moored before and got it perfectly on the second try! Once we all arrived at Marina Cay, everyone tried out tubing and water sports! Johnny, Skye, Sophie, Sarena, Joe, and Helen all went tubing together and had a great time. Johnny was the king of tubing, managing to hold on as the tube bumped over some huge wake. Abby got up on the wakeboard her very first time, Paula and Mencia went waterskiing and loved it!

Afterwards everyone went on a snorkel to explore the nearby reef.  There were amazing corals of all different colors and the crew from Isle of Skye even saw a huge stingray! On the way back, Joe saw a young Hawksbill Turtle close up! We got to swim with him for ages.  As evening came, we had some dinner and then headed ashore for virgin drinks and beach games. The crew spent the night laughing and working together on the giant human knot game. As we returned to our boat, everyone was ready for a good night’s sleep in the marina. Tomorrow looks like another fun day in the Caribbean!


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