Foxtrot 2-Day 11

Posted Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 at 3:06 pm

Foxtrot 2 Day 11 Trip Update – Kyle, Student

Today we went turtle-tagging at Trellis Bay and dissected a lionfish that the divers had caught.  We didn’t actually tag any turtles, but we still had fun chasing them.  Dissecting the lionfish was slightly disgusting, but interesting, and Sondra made it more fun than it normally would’ve been.

Then, it was the beginning of Challenge Day.  We had to get from Trellis Bay, on Beef Island, to Manchioneel Bay, Cooper Island on our own.  After a bit of a rocky start, we managed to leave Trellis Bay without much trouble.  With some hinting from our captain and mate, we managed to successfully navigate our way to Cooper Island without crashing the boat.

Once at Cooper, we earned community service hours by participating in a seagrass monitoring snorkel.  Later, we dressed up our captains and mates for staff meeting in the most ridiculous way we could!

Overall, it was a fun, successful day at Sail Caribbean!


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