Bravo 2 – Day 9

Posted Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 at 10:34 am

Bravo 2 Day 9 Trip Update – Molly, Mate/Dive Coordinator

Today was Challenge Day for Bravo Fleet!  Challenge Day is the day where we turn the boats over to the kids entirely.  The staff members sit back, often entertainingly dressed in costume, as the kids attend a morning staff meeting, keep watch over the schedule, and navigate and sail the boat.  This morning, our boats navigated from Monkey Point on Guana Island to Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke via Sandy Cay for some beautiful beach fun.

The day started smoothly on Monet 1 with Maelle and Sage as co-skippers leading the boat through a timely de-mooring.  Amanda plotted a perfect course, navigating the boat to its first destination of Sandy Cay without a hitch.  Underway, Will led the crew in determining point of sail and helped everyone figure out where the wind was coming from.  After a long day, Delaney helped cut up Captain Watermelon for a mid-afternoon snack.

On Sao Jorge, Kyle skippered the boat during a great de-mooring and sail raising.  On route, Gifford delivered a perfect navigation briefing, highlighting the degree heading for their course and the longitude and latitude of the waypoints throughout the trip.  Once at Little Harbor, Max led the crew through an incredible mooring ball pick-up.  Sao Jorge was the fastest to pick up a ball out of all of Bravo fleet!  The studious PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diving students then spent the evening working together to get through their diving homework.

After leaving Monkey Point, Monet was the first boat to arrive at Sandy Cay!  Renee helmed for most of the downwind portion of the sail, around the tip of Tortola and west down the island toward Jost Van Dyke.  She was helpful in keeping safety and sailing technique the number one priority.  After a little trouble mooring at Little Harbor, Noah gave a rallying speech which in turn inspired a fantastic, and final, mooring ball pick-up.

After a great pancake breakfast, Emerson skippered the crew of Vivaldi through the first leg of their journey, from Monkey Point to Sandy Cay.  At Sandy Cay, Arthur found a cracked open coconut and everyone was able to taste fresh coconut milk.  Savannah was spotter during the mooring at Little Harbor and did a great job communicating with the rest of her team.  Finally, after a great Challenge Day and long sail, Brian tied the secondary mooring line, and he, James, Emerson, Savannah, Arthur, Maddy, Harrison and Alix began their PADI Advanced Open Water Coursework.

It was a really great Challenge Day for everyone, highlighting how competent our crew is at sailing and managing their schedule!  After a day of proving to themselves what they are capable, our four crews went to bed confident of their sailing ability.


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