Sierra 2 – Day 11

Posted Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Sierra 2 Trip Update Day 11 – Graham, Program Director

When the sun woke us around 7 a.m., it was nice to learn from our watches that we still had 30 minutes to rest! After we ate breakfast, we all headed to Geneve in order to have a lesson on plankton and planktonic ecosystems. The lesson included plankton migrations and how they are a driving force for the production of the Earth’s atmosphere as well as life in the sea. We did both a plankton tow and a sargassum collection in our dinghies. When all this excitement was over we headed back to our boats and quickly raised our anchors and headed just across the channel to Marina Cay in order to go diving. We reviewed the dive homework that we had done a few days prior, and then had our lunches. When the dive boat arrived at 1:30 p.m., we all got into our trusty dinghies once again and boarded the dive boat. The first dive we did was called The Invisibles and was the deep dive for the AOW students. The second was the Underwater Naturalist dive and was on the site called Branco Billy. When the divers all returned, we had a little down time and started cooking a dinner of Spanish rice-stuffed peppers. This meal is a little challenging, but with the help of Maddie and Kellan, both boats did an excellent job! After dinner was all cleaned up, we gathered aboard Geneve to tie-dye some shirts we had bought or had brought with us. They all turned out fabulously, even for people who tried some very unique techniques and made it work. We all made it back to home boats weary eyed, and after a light rain, we all found our places to sleep.


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