Bravo 2-Day 8

Posted Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 11:53 am

Bravo 2 Day 8 Trip Update – Molly, Mate/Dive Coordinator

It was a beautiful morning at Great Harbor, Peter Island, and the Bravo Fleet prepared for a full day’s sail, navigating through most of the Sir Francis Drake Channel to our final destination: Monkey Point, Guana Island.

On Monet 1, Adam, as navigator-of-the-day, gave a great navigation briefing and showed the crew where to go on the chart.  Delaney, as skipper, prepared the boat for the demooring and helmed the first leg of the trip.  Once at their destination, Darius was at the helm for a very successful (and challenging) silent mooring.  Once comfortably settled at Monkey Point, the crew hopped in the water for some games and snorkeling.

On Monet, Jessy helmed the demooring at Great Harbor.  Once their sails  were set, the crew was able to practice lots of sailing skills, from tacking and points of sail to knot tying and navigation.  After circumnavigating the Dog Islands, Great Camanoe and Guana Island, the boat finally arrived at Monkey Point.  After a smooth mooring ball pickup, the group went on a snorkel and saw an octopus!  Finally, adding a little extra fun to the day, the crew dressed Captain Dave and Fleet Captain Jeff as women for the special “Dress Your Captain and Mate Up for Staff Meeting” challenge.

After a relaxing breakfast, and with Program Director Cli on board as the mate-of-the-day, Vivaldi and her crew dropped the ball at Great Harbor.  After an up-wind sail through the Sir Francis Drake Channel, Tori and Harrison took the helm and sailed through the picturesque Dog Islands.  On the way back downwind, Arther skippered the crew through a really successful jibe.  Once at Monkey Point, James skippered the crew through a fantastic and very successful silent mooring.  Highlighting his determination to stay healthy, Emerson won today’s hydration contest!

The sail up the Channel and around the Dog Island, Guana Island and Great Camanoe Island was beautiful and relaxing on Sao Jorge.  Taking the chance to show how far they have come, the crew showed Captain Scott and Mate Ryn that they could sail the boat.  Max skippered a great challenge mooring ball pick-up on the first try!  Once on the ball, Connor learned to tie bowlines and lead the group in tying the secondary mooring line.  After a successful sail, the crew relaxed with some tubing as the sun set.


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