Tango – Day 10

Posted Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 10:28 am

Tango Trip Update Day 10 – Fray, Program Director

This morning we woke up at the Bitter End only to be departing it and making our way to Anegada where we would be spending the next two days.  We arrived in record time with an average speed of 10 knots, even with double reefed main sail and one reef in our jib.

We were super excited to be on shore for a truck tour of the island at 2 o’clock since no one, including the staff, had ever been on one here before.  The truck tour turned out to be an awesome adventure for everyone.  We also got to see flamingos from a distance sitting in a salt pond, as well as iguanas at the Anegada Iguana farm.  We then checked out a beautiful new beach location called Cow Wreck, which no other Sail Caribbean program had been to before.  While at Cow Wreck we played some fun beach games and enjoyed a little bit of down time.

Once we returned to our boat, we started bucket showering immediately and finished cleaning the boat from this morning.  Fray and Marwan went  ashore early to light a grill that the Reef Hotel restaurant was kind enough to let us borrow for the evening.  They then started grilling while the rest of the crew prepared for the meal and boat meeting ashore.  We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn!  We even got to go to the bar to order virgin drinks.

Boat meeting was super fun because we got to hear about everything that we’re doing tomorrow.  We then headed back to the boat to brush our teeth and get ready for power down.  Overall today was an awesome day in the life of a Tango!


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