Foxtrot 2 – Day 10 & Photos

Posted Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Foxtrot 2 Trip Update Day 10 – Emma, Program Director

After our dance party last night there were a few tired faces around the breakfast table this morning. Once breakfast was done we headed out into the North Sound. The weather today was perfect for sailing with a nice strong breeze behind us pushing us towards Tortola. We were headed for Trellis Bay on the East End of the island and along the way we passed by The Dog Islands, where some of us may be diving later in the program.

Trellis Bay is a hot spot for turtles and we spotted them even before we had picked up a mooring ball. It was difficult to stay focused when what we really wanted to do was jump in the water and follow them. The crew stayed on task and carried out two awesome mooring ball pickups.

The dive boat came to Trellis to pick up our divers and they were all excited to start blowing bubbles after having taken a few days off diving. They headed off to Camanoe Island to dive and the rest of the crew got ready to attempt some turtle tagging. On this occasion the Trellis Bay turtles proved to be far too tricky for us and they escaped every time. Tristan did get very close to one which had a spear in it’s shell. We could tell the spear had been there for some time as there were barnacles growing on it; however, the turtle was too quick for us and we could not catch him to inspect it any closer.

After turtle tagging the crew had some time to go ashore and explore at Aragorn’s Studio. Aragorn is a local artist who specializes in metal sculptures, pottery and prints. The print on the front of our crew and staff t-shirts this summer were designed by Aragorn and so it was extra nice to have the chance to go see his studio.

The divers returned with news that they will soon be starting to work towards their Advanced Open Water certificate. There will be some homework to do in the next few days but it will all be worth it when they can say they are AOW SCUBA divers!

Da Vinci hosted dinner tonight and everyone gathered there for hamburgers and hotdogs. It was really nice to have the opportunity to hang out with the entire crew and to share stories from our individual boats. The night was rounded off with cake and then a boat meeting before we all headed to bed excited that tomorrow will bring more turtles and hopefully a little more success in catching them.


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