Bravo 2 – Day 7

Posted Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 4:08 pm

Bravo 2 Trip Update Day 7 – Molly, Mate & Dive Coordinator

Bravo Fleet spent the morning at Nanny Cay, hanging out by the pool, getting a chance to purchase snacks at the little marina market, or heading to the Nutty Banana for an ice cream treat.

After leaving docks, Monet 1 headed upwind to Great Harbor, Peter Island.  On the way, they practiced tacks by having a few tacking wars.  The crew split into two teams and each tacking team tried to tack faster than the last.  Not only was it a fun time, but also the tacks were fast and on point and the winch safety was wonderful.  At lunchtime, the crew christened a new crew member: Captain Watermelon.  After drawing a face on the fruit, they also gave him a lifejacket to make sure the new crew member would be safe.

After Carly’s great de-docking, the crew of Monet got together for a quick pow-wow and catch up.  After a motivating speech from Capt. Dave, everyone was excited to sail and they had a beautiful and educational sail to Great Harbor.  For doing a great job, Mate Steff made a plate of brownies for the crew.

On Vivaldi, Harrison took the helm for the day.  After a flawless de-docking, the crew had a reefing lesson as the wind picked up in the Channel.  With two reefs in the sail, the boat speedily made their way to Great Harbor.  Arriving a bit early, the crew enjoyed time just hanging out on the boat and in the water.  While going to tie the secondary, everyone saw a spotted eagle ray and a school of baby squid!

On Sao Jorge, the crew got to spend time with the new captain, Scott.  Excitedly, they de-docked and prepared for a beautiful upwind sail to Great Harbor.  Once in the harbor, they had to do a resourceful mooring ball pickup.  The crew learned to lasso the mooring ball because it had no tail easily accessible.  After a few practice tries, the bow crew managed to smoothly loop the ball.  Great job, SJ!

For dinner, the fleet enjoyed vegetable stir-fry.  Most of the boats had a more serious boat meeting where they completed a True Value Contract, a discussion of attitudes, mannerism, words, and even things they want the crew to try and achieve or those they wish would stop.  Goals they hope to achieve, like saying please and thank you, having better teamwork, respecting others opinions – these items were labeled while negatives they want to try and stop doing, for instance not listening when someone is speaking or brushing hair in the cockpit, go “off the boat.”  After a productive meeting, the crews tiredly turned in for the evening.


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