Bravo 2 – Day 6

Posted Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Bravo 2 Trip Update Day 6 – Molly, Mate & Dive Coordinator

After a stormy night, the morning turned into a beautiful day and Pirate’s Bight on Norman Island was busy as Bravo’s Open Water SCUBA students planned to finish their last two certification dives and the rest of their crewmates got ready for a snorkel at The Caves.

On Sao Jorge, Mason, Max, Kyle and Conner spent the morning diving at Angelfish Reef.  They are now officially PADI Open Water SCUBA certified!  After the snorkel and dive, the crew on SJ headed from Norman Island to Nanny Cay, a marina excitedly anticipated for the large and luxurious showers.  Blake helmed the docking and did a fantastic job!  After a busy day, and relaxing showers, everyone had an easy night on board and went to bed early.

On Vivaldi, Maddy, Savannah, James, Emerson, Harrison and Arthur completed their Open Water diving certifications.  Maddy and her diving group saw four sharks and two large stingrays!  As those divers were having fun at Angelfish reef, the rest of the crew went for a snorkel at The Caves and saw wonderful underwater live, ranging from needlefish to eels.  After a great docking at Nanny Cay, the crew spent some time cleaning and organizing their boat before getting to enjoy real land showers.

On Monet, Carly, Burke, Gustavo, William, Alex, Noah, Nick and Renee spent the morning running through the last of the underwater, diving skills before receiving their certification!  The group saw a huge number of exciting animals underwater, including reef sharks, sting rays and angel fish!  After leaving Norman Island and having a breezy sail down to Nanny Cay, William helmed a great docking.

On Monet 1, Camilla and Zach received their Open Water SCUBA Certification.  They excitedly completed skills like taking your mask off underwater and fin pivots at Angelfish Reef.  Meanwhile, at The Caves snorkel site, the rest of the crew plus Captain John enjoyed a calm snorkel and an eel sighting.  After leaving Norman Island, the crew practiced tacking all the way to Nanny Cay.  Camilla helmed a fantastic docking!

Congratulations to all our newly certified Bravo divers!


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