Foxtrot 2 – Day 8

Posted Saturday, July 21st, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Foxtrot 2 Trip Update Day 8 – Emma, Program Director

We left Marina Cay this morning before most boats in the mooring field were even awake. The staff began the sail as the crew slowly started to wake up – we had a long sail ahead of us and wanted to get going early! We were headed to Anegada, the Drowned Island, which is different to the other mountainous islands we have been spending time on so far. Anegada is made entirely of coral and limestone and the highest point on the island is 28 feet above sea level, making it a very interesting place to visit. There are also flamingos that live on the island and we looked out for these as we took our truck tour.

The sail up gave us a chance to practice the skills that we have been learning over the past week or so and the tricky navigation through the channel called for some extra teamwork on the crew’s part. Once on our mooring ball we headed ashore and loaded into the waiting taxis, which took us across the island to Loblolly Bay.

Loblolly Bay is surrounded by coral and so we used this opportunity to do some community service and marine biology. Everyone got in the water to do a Coral Watch study to check the health of the reef. Being such an exposed beach there was a great deal of trash that had washed up, so we had a beach clean-up. ¬† There was a contest to see which boat could collect the most and design the most creative “Trash Art”. Emma was the judge and the prize of having her clean our dinner dishes one evening was very tempting for everyone.

Dinner this evening was at The Big Bamboo restaurant in Loblolly Bay where everyone enjoyed steak, lobster, crab or one of the other great choices. This was all topped off with ice cream before we had a boat meeting on the beach and took our taxi trip back to the boats. Tomorrow we head to The Bitter End Yacht Club for a day of watersports!


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