Tango – Day 7

Posted Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Tango Trip Update Day 7 – Fray, Program Director

Today at Village Cay we started our morning with a nice bowl of cereal in order to stay on time for our busy day with YEP. After breakfast we immediately started cleaning up, as well as going through our pre-departure check list so we would be ready to leave upon their arrival. Once the group pulled up in the truck, we sent our five boys on the boat over to the truck for their tour of the island as the rest of us greeted the three YEP students who would be sailing with us for the afternoon. Once off docks we immediately raised our main sail, holding off on pulling our jib out due to the huge amount of wind blowing through the channel and the potential for squalls. While under way, Sophie decided to make each of our YEP students their own friendship bracelets that seemed to bring the group even closer together! During the sail we also covered a few lessons of winch safety, points of sail and anchoring. They all proved to be very effective with everyone taking something new away from it. Once we got to Long Bay on Beef Island we enjoyed some down time that was followed by showers and dinner prep. We had an amazing meal consisting of honey mustard chicken with rice and broccoli that everyone on board helped prepare. Today was an extremely productive day of sailing for Mexico and the Tango program as a whole!



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