Charlie 2 – Day 4

Posted Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Charlie 2 Trip Update Day 4 – Andrew, student on Venture

Today was a day of relaxation and fun for my boat, Venture. After breakfast, everybody enjoyed water sports, such as kayaking, playing on our inflatable turtle, and tubing behind the ski boat. We all enjoyed our fun and games in the morning and after lunch we went SCUBA diving!  While some went on an educational dive for more certifications, most of the Venture crew went on a fun dive. Multiple turtles were spotted, as well as an eel, a lobster, and an evil lionfish  (these are native in the Pacific, but since they have been introduced to Caribbean waters they have become a danger to reef and ecosystem health). Back at the boat we enjoyed a fantastic Mahi Mahi dinner by Chef Lucas. In the evening we went ashore to the Bight and enjoyed seeing our friends from other boats!


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