Bravo 2 – Day 4

Posted Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Bravo 2 Trip Update Day 4 – Molly, Mate & Dive Coordinator

It was a rainy start at Cooper this morning, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of our divers!  After a low-key, cereal breakfast the Open Water divers headed to meet the dive boat for their first dives at real, offshore dive sites, and the Discover SCUBA Diving class went on their first SCUBA experience.

After returning from the morning dives, the Monet 1 crew had a beautiful downwind sail to Norman Island.  On the sail, Maelle, Chris, Sage and Amanda described the sting rays, parrot fish and a giant lobster they saw on the DSD dive, while comparing notes with Zach, Will, Camilla and Darius who experienced the first open water portion of the SCUBA diving certification.  The crew also practiced sail trim and learned to tie a secondary on the mooring ball.

On Monet, while Burke, Gustavo, Will, Alex, Carly, Noah, Nick and Renee went on their first dive off shore, Drew, Jessi and Grace went on a great snorkel with their captain, Dave, at Cistern Rock.  On the snorkel, they saw an endangered Hawksbill Turtle!  After the snorkel and dive, the crew practiced using a preventer for their downwind sail.  Once at Norman, they showered and played fender rodeo.  Grace won by staying on the fender for 7 seconds!

Arthur was skipper of the day on Vivaldi and helmed the de-mooring at Cooper Island and the mooring at Norman Island.  On the sail over, Katie described her DSD class and told everyone how much she loved it. Captain Sara and Tori told the crew about their experience snorkeling Cistern Rock and the beautiful Hawksbill Turtle they also saw.  Once at Norman, Brian mastered tying the secondary mooring line.

On SJ, skipper-of-the-day Oliver woke up the rest of the crew and got them ready to start the day.  As half the boat headed to the shore to dive, Lily was preparing for her first dive as a Discover SCUBA Diver. She had a great time exploring the underwater world for the first time.  Blake, Mason, Tom, Kyle, and Conner had two great dives. The
first was at Chromis Reef and the second was at Vanishing Rock.  In the meantime, Alli, Gifford, Max, and Cameron went on a snorkel at Cistern Rock with Captains Dave and Sara and Mate Kat.  After returning from their dive, eating lunch, and dropping the mooring ball at Cooper Island, the crew practiced jibes and good downwind sailing habits, arriving at Norman late in the afternoon.

After a delicious dinner of Mahi-Mahi, all four Bravo boats headed to shore to enjoy dessert at Pirates’ Bite, a great beach restaurant and the only establishment on Norman Island.  By the end of the night, everyone was ready to turn in, excited for their late 8:30 a.m. wake up tomorrow morning.


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