Tango – Day 6

Posted Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 11:07 am

Tango Trip Update Day 6 – Fray, Program Director

Today we woke up on anchor at Buck Island to a little bit of rain that shortly passed to reveal sunny skies!  We ate a delicious breakfast of English muffins and eggs. After breakfast we deep cleaned the boat in preparation for the YEP students sailing with us this afternoon. At 8:45 a.m. all the girls on the boat went ashore for a truck tour with half of the YEP group while the  other half sailed with the boys. During our sail to Village Cay, Adam taught a great lesson to our YEP students about the different uses of knots and how to tie them.  Connor also taught a sail raising lesson that lead us directly into pulling out our gennaker. While waiting for docking instructions we practiced heaving dock lines in preparation for our final approach into Village Cay. Once docked, we cleaned and ate lunch and waited for the dive boat to arrive. Today we had Adam, Henry and Dylan all receive their Open Water SCUBA diving certifications, while our non-divers enjoyed some time exploring the shops of Road Town.  We enjoyed a great family style meal of meatball subs that was followed by a boat meeting discussing tomorrow’s big day with YEP! Can’t wait to see the group again!


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