Foxtrot 2 – Day 6

Posted Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 3:39 pm

Foxtrot 2 Trip Update Day 6 – Sondra Eger, Mate

Today we woke up in beautifully serene Little Harbor on Peter Island. Our morning involved a sea turtle lesson on the different species in the area followed by a Turtle Tagging Seminar! The Sail Caribbean Foxtrot program is able to opportunistically able to catch and collect morphological data on sea turtles as per the BVI Department of Conservation and Fisheries. Luckily during our short snorkel, Da Vinici’s captain, Beta, successfully caught a large green turtle!  All of the students worked amazingly together to handle the turtle respectfully under the supervision of our professional staff. As students took turns taking various measurements, Genevieve neatly recorded the data. All the students were excited to see and take part in a project working towards the conservation of an endangered species.

After the turtle was released, we quickly prepared the boats to leave for Village
Cay marina in Road Harbor, Tortola. Emma and Manuel were at the helm for practically textbook dockings, and the crews were able to explore Road Town after passing their cleaning inspections. The students returned with smiles on their faces after enjoying BVI’s famous La Dolce Vita ice cream parlor and taking freshwater showers. After some tasty meatball subs for dinner, both Foxtrot boats boarded Van Gogh for a Marine Bio seminar on the geologic and human history of the BVI’s. The seminar concluded with the current economic status of the islands and the environmental impacts of tourism, specifically cruise ships and coastal resorts on reef systems and ocean systems. Most students participated in group conversation about the covered topics which made for an even lovelier evening.

And Congratulations to our 11 new Open Water SCUBA Divers!!!

Emma Slicklen

Sofia Broglia

Cameron Maurin

Elena Carlotta Broglia

Lauren Michelson

Laura Newport

Lucy Kahn

Ethan Michael

Ben Cooper

Manuel Echazarra Casado

Griffin Gill


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