Bravo 2 – Day 3

Posted Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 10:21 am

Bravo 2 Trip Update Day 3 – Molly, Mate & Dive Coordinator

Everyone awoke to a beautiful morning at Cooper Island.  The open water divers prepared to begin the in-water portion of their course and the rest of the crew members got ready for a relaxing hike up Salt Island.

On Sao Jorge, Max, Gifford, Alli and Cameron got ready for the hike and a day at the beach, while Blake, Mason, Tom, Oliver, Kyle, and Conner headed to the dive boat to spend the day working on diving skills in the shallows of Manchioneel Bay.  While on the beach Max and Gifford bought hammocks and then Max went tubing with Lily.  Toward the end of the day, everyone had a great time snorkeling off the stern of the boat.

The morning started with oatmeal for breakfast on Vivaldi.  Emerson, Harrison, Maddy, Savannah, and Arthur started and finished the confined water portion of their Open Water SCUBA class.  While practicing skills underwater they saw a sea turtle!  Katie, Alix, and Tori got to hang out at the beach a bit and went tubing in the afternoon, while Brian got two fancy Caribbean fruit drinks from the restaurant.  In celebration of Emerson’s birthday, the evening ended with a delicious birthday cake baked by Captain Sara.

On Monet, Nick was the only student to brave the night’s rainstorm and wake-up on decks to a gorgeous sunrise over the Sir Francis Drake Channel.  The new SCUBA divers, Alex, Will, Noah, Gustavo, Carly, Burke, Renee and Nick headed to meet Sail Caribbean Divers for the first portion of their Open Water SCUBA certification.  Everyone did a great job, and powered through the more difficult skills like underwater mask removal and replacement, and fin pivots.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their lunch of pizza bagels, and in the afternoon Jessy, Grace, and Drew had a great time going tubing with Fleet Captain Jeff.

On Monet 1, about half of the crew excitedly prepared for their first day of diving.  Camilla, Zach, Adam, Will and Darius spent the whole day learning important skills like how to recover their regulator, clear their mask, and hover motionless underwater.  While diving, they saw a huge school of baby squid.  While snorkeling near the boat, Maelle saw a spotted eagle ray! In the afternoon, Chris, Delaney, Amanda, and Sage had a lot of fun flying over waves while tubing.  In the evening, after a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken and couscous, Maelle and Chris did a fantastic job working together to get the boat tidied.


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