Alpha 2 – Day 11

Posted Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 10:40 am

Alpha 2 Trip Update Day 11 – Elise, Program Director
Today the Alpha crew started off nice and early and headed off docks to start the day at the famous Bitter End Yacht Club! We took our boats right across the North Sound and started exploring BEYC by hiking Guy’s Trail, which was a rocky, uphill excursion up to the top of the mountain above the Bitter End. The views along the trail were spectacular and looked down upon the ocean where you could see the turquoise of shallow coral reefs, and deep ocean blues stretching all the way across the horizon. After the exploration and hike, it was nothing but fun and sun for the Alpha crew! Hunter took out a Hobie Cat and a Laser and went sailing around the North Sound. Anita and Melissa hung out on the beach and played around on a water trampoline. Jack T, Logan, Jack B, Owen, Diana, and Isabelle hung out at the pub enjoying drinks and playing pool and foosball. And almost everybody tried out the new watersports tube, the Poparazzi!!! It was spectacular! The tube holds three riders and people can either sit, stand, or kneel on it. Isabelle was even able to do a full 360 degree roll! It was great fun for all.

After a superb Bitter End day we headed back to our boats and at 6:25 p.m., began the countdown for the sunset race out of the North Sound. At 6:30 p.m. on the nose, Katelynn, our fleet captain, blew one long whistle and the race officially began!!! On Persephone, with Sydney and Campbell manning the jib sheets and Jack T and Logan on the main sail raising, we had a strong crew and a fast start. However, the Isle of Skye crew, led confidently by Lexi and Frank, managed to get ahead right at the beginning and kept a strong lead to the end! Spirits stayed high out of the North Sound as we set sail for our sunset cruise, which faded into a night sail. It was a perfectly clear night with a thousand stars in the sky as we floated along, the water splashing against our hulls glowing with bioluminescent sparkles.   It was like flying through a sphere of darkness speckled with a thousand tiny fireflies.

The Alpha crew on both boats all hung their feet off the edge as they sat on the beam and took in one of the most magnificent, special night thus far. Plus, it was one of our crewmember’s — Jack B’s — birthday!  Making the end of a spectacular day even more special, there was a surprise birthday cake once we arrived at our destination. As the crew turned in for a peaceful night at Cooper Island, little do they know, tomorrow they will awake to Sail Caribbean’s one and only Pirate Day!!!!!


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