Alpha 2 – Day 10

Posted Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 10:25 am

Alpha 2 Trip Update Day 10 – Elise, Program Director

Today was lovely! We all piled onto Persephone first thing in the morning for Katelynn and Mark to teach us a racing lesson in preparation for our epic race day in the North Sound tomorrow!  Everyone got a chance to practice their sailing skills and tactics.  Then we were off for another exciting day of sailing. On Isle of Skye, we were heeled over so much the waves even crashed into our gunnels on the side of the boat!!! Isabelle was the skipper and did an incredible job steering us on a straight course through lifts and headers. On Peresphone, Galen was the skipper of the day and confidently led the crew sailing to our destination.

Together the crew worked on applying everything they learned the previous day on Challenge Day. Galen even led the crew through a sail raising without getting the sail caught on the lazy jacks once! After a fantastic upwind sail, the crew headed into the North Sound on Virgin Gorda to dock at Levericks. Everyone enjoyed the drinks, restaurant, pool, shops, and beach. In the evening, the crew gathered for dinner and dancing ashore. Lexi, Diana, Hunter, Melissa, and Anita met a new friend on the dance floor, a little boy named Samuel. It was a great day on the water and a good day on docks. The crew returned to their boats sleepy and peaceful, excited for tomorrow when we visit the famous Bitter End Yacht Club and put our race day practice to use in a North Sound RACE!!! May the best team win!


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