Sierra 2 – Day 4

Posted Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 7:32 am

Sierra 2 Trip Update Day 4 – Graham, Program Director

Today was awesome! Last night at our boat meeting we asked what everyone was really excited about. Almost unanimously everyone said that they couldn’t wait for SCUBA diving! For about half of the group, this is a new experience and an excellent way to incorporate even more marine biology into their summer adventures here. This morning all divers met Sail Caribbean Divers, with the soon to be certified divers completing their first two open water dives and the rest of us participating in fun dives at Angel Fish Reef and Rainbow Canyons. Talk about a tiresome day! The pace continued though when we sailed over to Great Harbor, Peter Island. After our sail, we covered Coral ID in our curriculum, and followed this up by snorkeling the reefs around our mooring site. We enjoyed a tasty Mahi Mahi dinner and afterwards introduced the sailing curriculum and Crew/Bosen tests. Everyone is eager to learn and having an awesome time!


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