Sierra 2 – Day 3

Posted Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 9:24 am

Sierra 2 Trip Update Day 3 – Graham, Program Director

Today we woke up to a breakfast of oatmeal and cereal with fruit. Once we had eaten our fill, cleaned up, and packed, we headed ashore with the Open Water students in order to complete their confined water dives. Meanwhile, the rest of Sierra headed with Mieles and Desda to the caves to go snorkeling. At the caves they saw a huge barracuda, giant green sea turtle, Sergeant  majors and many other marine animals. When everyone got back we headed ashore to meet the divers and have a picnic lunch of pasta salad. We all gathered around the picnic table and enjoyed our lunch and fruit salad. After, the divers headed back to make more bubbles and practice their underwater skills. While all this was going on, the rest of the Foxtrot, Sierra and Tango fleets all joined together to go on a hike. At the top of Norman island, there is a helicopter pad that we put to good use with some group games. The view was spectacular! After the hike and diving it was back to boats, where we cooked a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken. For our boat meeting, we all gathered on Berlin to do a rose-bud-thorn activity and talk a bit about what the program is going to look like, the activities in which we will participate, and the program expectations. We finished with a name game, and then it was back to bunks where everyone was falling asleep within minutes.


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