Alpha 2 – Day 7

Posted Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 8:34 am

Alpha 2 Trip Update Day 7 – Elise, Program Director

The Alpha crew started their day off with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs to get ready for one of the most magnificent dives of our trip. The dive was at a site called the Rainbow Canyons and the divers headed down for a 43 minute dive. It was absolutely beautiful diving through underwater canyons completely covered in coral, and the crew saw a multitude of magnificent fish. There were sergeant majors, damselfish, a Red Hind, and one of the biggest Jackknife fish that
even the dive staff had ever seen. The divers also saw three lionfish! As for the non-divers, Jackson, Sydney, Campbell, and Hunter of Persephone stayed and played games on the boat when all of the sudden two dolphins swam right next to our dock in the marina and jumped out of the water! Not kidding! I had never seen anything like it in my life. They played around in the marina while we watched and it was such a treat.

Sydney was the skipper of the day and led the crew through a really tough, blustery mooring ball pick up, keeping her cool the entire time. As soon as we were moored, again we saw two dolphins and the Persephone crew jumped into the water to swim with a momma dolphin and her baby. Melissa and Anita were so close they could see the dolphins swim underwater. Afterwards the whole crew headed to shore for a bit of shopping and swinging in lovely beach hammocks. The crew concluded the day with silent reflection and goal-setting time. Everyone set a goal for the next day, the rest of the trip, and the rest of the year. The crew then settled in for a good nights rest after a relaxing and reflective night on board.


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