Tango – Day 2

Posted Sunday, July 15th, 2012 at 2:54 pm


Tango Trip Update Day 2 – Fray, Program Director

Today was our first day out on the water! Along with the Foxtrot and Sierra fleets, Tango, de-docked from Hodges Creek just before noon. We ate hogies for lunch while sailing downwind to Norman Island! Today our crew learned how to moor their 47 foot catamaran as well as some of the customs of living on board a sailboat. Upon arriving at The Bight on Norman Island, all our Openwater divers went ashore for lessons and introductions. Lily, the mate on board Mexico, took the rest of the crew on a snorkel over spectacular reef at The Bight. As the day wound down, everyone learned how to take boat showers and prepare a delicious dinner of burritos, buffet style! After a team effort cleaning up the boat, the crew had a teeth brushing session, Sail Caribbean style. Tonight the crew of Mexico had their second boat meeting and climbed into bed for their first night out on the water!


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