Delta 2 – Day 2

Posted Sunday, July 15th, 2012 at 3:23 pm

Delta 2 Trip Update Day 2 – Eric, Program Director

After a rainy but still night, the Delta group woke up to a mostly overcast but breezy morning.  Students learned all about their new floating homes today, dodging the rain drops as a small weather front passed through this morning.  After a thorough walk through with their prior-to-first-departure lesson, students practiced some useful knots including cleat hitches and clove hitches.  Despite the gray weather, everyone was excited to get off docks and head out for a sail!

Captains Hannah and KCK gave a dedocking lesson, and then students took their positions on board.  With KCK by her side, Helen steered Patricia J (PJ) out of the dock, and Arwen soon followed with Gracie at the helm.   Once out of Anse Marcel, the boats steered out into the Anguilla Channel, where they raised sails and practiced jibing downwind.  The fleet took their time sailing downwind, and ultimately arrived to anchor in Marigot Bay in the afternoon.  No sooner had they anchored than everyone was in the warm Caribbean water for their swim test around the boat.  After the swim test, everyone chose to stay in the water and swim a bit before learning how to shower from the stern of the boat.  It could be said that showering off the boat is a skill that requires patience, practice, and a ton of fun!  After getting clean, students put on shore-going clothes and we all went to Marigot, the capitol of French St. Martin.

Tonight however isn’t any typical Saturday evening – it is July 14th, Bastille Day!  The streets of Marigot are bustling tonight with dozens of barbeques, lots of dancing, and loud music.  After a walk through of the festivities, we hiked to the top of Fort Louis, a 17th century French fort that overlooks the entire bay.  This fort was once attacked by the original Pirates of the Caribbean, and was successfully defended by 20 men within.  The sunset was shrouded in clouds, and the dark clouds behind told everyone it was time to head back to boats before the rain hit again.  Once aboard, we ate a hearty meal of burritos and stayed up to enjoy the Bastille Day fireworks over the harbor.


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