Charlie 1 – Day 20

Posted Saturday, July 14th, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Charlie 1 Trip Update Day 20 – Robb, Program Director

Today the crews of Buoyant Asset and Venture awoke off-docks for the last time.  After waking up and chowing down on breakfast, it was time for a dip in the ocean before beginning the final boat clean-up for the trip.  The entire interior of the cabins were wiped down and polished to be squeaky clean; bunks were tidied up, decks were scrubbed, and everyone pitched in to make sure as much was done as possible before heading back to docks.  Then it was time for one final sail into home base at Hodges Creek; the crews performed beautifully — after 3 weeks of sailing on these boats, the students are well-oiled machines and on their way to becoming seasoned sailors!

Once docked at Hodges, more cleaning ensued, followed by a little bit of down time to hop in the pool, call home, and unwind after a very busy program.  Dinner was delicious pizza for both Charlie and Bravo students together, with everyone mingling and chatting like old friends.  The crews had an hour after dinner to perfect their skits before performing them for the other crew, the staff, and the Sail Caribbean dive staff, who have been Charlie’s instructors for the past 3 weeks.  Much fun was poked at the staff, and everyone had a good laugh for the crew award ceremony as well.

Tonight on docks the students have a little more time hang out and enjoy new friendships before heading home early tomorrow morning!


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