Alpha 2 – Day 5

Posted Saturday, July 14th, 2012 at 12:27 am

Alpha 2 Trip Update Day 5 – Cait, Mate

Today was a diving day! The divers dove with sea turtles, barracudas, angelfish and sting rays. Several of the students even got the chance to see a tiny spider lobster with brilliant blue pinchers up close and personal.  It was absolutely amazing! Today has been a great day!

We started off with a long downwind sail during which the kids eagerly learned about jibing with Mr. Preventer (the preventer is a special line rigged during downwind sailing to prevent the sail from accidentally switching sides) and also right of way rules (taught with cookies and nutella). Anita was on the helm of Persephone and she handled it like a natural, leaning into the wind and heeling the boat right over. Melissa, preventer master, tied cleat hitches left and right.  Fantastic work!

Frank was the skipper on Isle of Skye and held them at wing-on-wing while they floated through an island paradise listening to Bob Marley (at Frank’s request). Also on Isle, Lexie led everyone through several jibes, correcting sail trim and points of sail. Once the boats had been successfully moored (on the first try even!), Isabelle taught everyone a really fun card game that everyone enjoyed learning while sitting on the boats in the Bight at Norman Island.

After arriving, all of the Discover SCUBA divers jumped into the water with the capable divers from Sail Caribbean Divers. They learned the basics of SCUBA, like how to use the equipment and how to clear a mask underwater. Once everyone was comfortable, we all loaded up on the dive boat Endeavor and headed off to Angelfish Reefs, where some of the mysteries of the world under the sea were revealed to us.

Students also took the ski boat around the point, just outside the harbor,  to check out the famous caves, where pirates actually used to stash their loot. They had a great time snorkeling and really felt like smugglers from days gone by.

The night ended with delicious veggie stir fry aboard both boats. Aboard Persephone, Anita and Logan cooked such an amazing veggie stir fry that there weren’t even any leftovers! Tomorrow we wake up early for a hike and then dock in the afternoon. We are ready for another great day! More photos to come tomorrow!


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