Alpha 2 – Day 4

Posted Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Alpha 2 Trip Update Day 4 – Elise, Program Director

It was a lovely morning today when the Alpha crew woke up at Marina Cay. The whole crew piled onto Persephone for a lesson about jellyfish and corals since many of the crew had seen jellyfish the previous day. Then everyone headed out to snorkel a spectacular reef right along the shore of Marina Cay. Anita, Will, and Jack B. even swam with a sea turtle! Afterwards the crew headed out for some water sports. Logan tried water skiing for the first time and Franck even slolam skied! He wowed the whole crew. Lexi tried tubing for the first time and loved it while Diana water skied for the first time on the ocean. Afterwards we all headed out for some sailing in perfect winds. Crews from both boats sat on the high side of the hull and swung their feet over the edge while we were flying over the water on a close haul. It was magnificent! After a few hours of some lovely breeze, the crew rolled into Savannah Bay where everyone learned how to anchor our 50 foot boats. Logan, Jack T., and Hunter ran the anchoring maneuver on Persephone and got it on the first try! After watching the sun set over the Dogs, the Alpha crew went on a night time adventure – night snorkeling!!! A lobster, tarpon, and puffer fish were all spotted! The tired crew is now turning in for bed and can’t wait for their first SCUBA diving lessons tomorrow!


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