Foxtrot 1 – Day 20

Posted Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Foxtrot 1 Trip Update Day 20 – Shandy, Mate

At docks tonight we are reflecting on the last three weeks. The times have been good, they have been hard, and they have been fun, challenging, funny, frustrating, and inspirational. The crew of the Foxtrot boats started out three weeks ago with nervous anticipation. Some had never sailed before; some were returners and knew what they were in for. Some had spent time on boats, but not with Sail Caribbean. Since then everyone has learned how to tack, gybe, dock, moor, anchor, and sail a 43 ft catamaran through reef and rock fringed islands. They’ve learned how to navigate and tell points of sail, plot a bearing at night, moor a boat silently, and cook and clean for 8 people.

Today we sailed from Cooper Island back to Hodges Marina, where we had skits, an award ceremony, and a pizza dinner. The skits all followed a similar theme: a day in the life of a Foxtrot boat. Chasing turtles until the crew are exhausted, boiling chicken, forgetting to close the refrigerator, eating snacks, and cleaning the decks all seem to have gone by in a blur. What an amazing past three weeks!


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