Bravo 1 – Day 17

Posted Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 at 9:15 am

Bravo 1 Trip Update Day 17 – Crew of Monet

Today the crew of Monet awoke at 6:45 a.m. — definitely one of our earliest wake-ups! Everyone arose from their slumber to finish preparing and cooking a delicious quiche breakfast, don life jackets, and sail from Anegada to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor.  Everyone had a chance on the helm, and Nick, Adrian, Maddie, and Izzy finished up their knot tying skills for their crew and bosun check off list, which includes important knots like the bowline and the cleat hitch.  Monet had a speedy sail to Virgin Gorda, arriving second out of a whole fleet of boats, far ahead of the rest of the Bravo and Charlie boats.  Then it was time to dock!  Adam was on the bow  as spotter, calling back possible hazards to the person at the helm, Maddie, who steered into the marina and successfully docked Monet on the first try.  Beautiful work!  After docking, cleaning bunks, scrubbing decks, and filling water tanks, the SCUBA divers prepared for their advanced dives while the rest of the crew played some team bonding games and explored the shops on shore. After everyone returned to the boats, the entire crew enjoyed taking luxurious land showers, eating a delicious dinner, and settling in for a much deserved nights sleep!



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