Alpha 2 – Day 2

Posted Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 at 9:36 am

Alpha 2 Trip Update Day 2 – Elise, Program Director

Today started off at Hodges Creek Marina with our two Alpha boats, Persephone and Isle of Skye, on docks. It was a warm day down in Tortola while the crew became acquainted with their boats and learned the ins and outs of living aboard their new floating homes. After everyone learned the names of  the different parts of the boats and how to use everything from the radio to the sinks down below, the crew formulated a docking plan and embarked on their great adventure. Isle of Skye de-docked first, captained by their skipper Jack Burns. Frank and Lexi from Isle of Skye also were on the helm today while sailing, and the crew got the mooring ball on the first try!

On Persephone the first skipper was Hunter who did a great job steering us through the channel markers outside of Hodges Creek Marina and into the Sir Francis Drake channel where we raised sails and were on our way! Soon a squall neared — we were just able to miss it but boy did we get some great wind for a while! It was very exciting! Hunter was on the helm through the squall and did a wonderful job keeping our course. Once in Great Harbor the crew went swimming in the crystal clear water, hung hammocks for the night, cooked an amazing taco dinner, and pitched in to help make our boat sparkling clean. The crew of Isle of Skye even saw a Hawksbill sea turtle!!! After a sunset over Tortola and watching the stars rise, we played a “get-to-know-you” game, and the crew of Alpha settled down for their first night on the water after a rewarding day of fun and hard work.


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