Sierra 1 – Day 19

Posted Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Sierra 1 Trip Update Day 19 – Graham, Program Director

The last full day on the water! Today was relaxing. We stayed in bed until 8:00am, then got up to prepare ourselves to start our day. Right after breakfast, Perry showed up with what can only be described as an epic water sports toy.  Named the “Poparazzi,” it is a large tube on which you can stand, sit, steer, kneel or freelance as it is towed behind a ski boat. No one really knows what the “freelance” part really means, but we all tried to define it as we jumped around on this inflatable thing as we were dragged over the water. After Zach, Ainsley, Michael and Luca gave it a test run, the rest were eager to climb in and give it a try. Around 12 p.m., we were all tired from hours of tubing, wake boarding and waterskiing. At 2 p.m., after eating a leisurely lunch and working on our projects, we sat down to learn about sharks. We learned about the different types of sharks, and what makes sharks so beautiful and such efficient predators.  When the lesson was done, Graham led a snorkel to do research on coral rehabilitation and growth, while Lizzie led a fish ID snorkel. The data that everyone gathered today will be summarized and published either with the AWARE database or internally by Sail Caribbean. The evening consisted of showers, dinner and a movie of choice. By the time the movie ended it was 10:00 pm, so everyone scurried off to bed and sleep soon followed.


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