Bravo 1 – Day 15

Posted Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 5:41 pm

Bravo 1 Trip Update Day 15

Today Bravo 1 spent the day at the Bitter End Yacht Club!  Water sports, wind surfing, small boat sailing, hiking, and shopping abound — here are a few highlights of the day from the crew of Sao Jorge!

Willow: I loved sailing on the Hobie Cats with Lolo, Marnie, Gavin, and Daniel!

Marnie: Sailing the Hobie Cat was definitely my favorite part of the day!

Lolo: I enjoyed sailing the Hobie Cat, and drinking milkshakes while enjoying some good ol’ beach time!

Gavin: Windsurfing and sailing the Hobie Cat around the North Sound was awesome!

Eddie: Sailing the Hobie Cat was a blast!

Derek: Doing water sports with friends, eating pizza at the pub, and sailing the Hobie Cat with Eddie were my highlights of the day for sure!

Daniel: I had a lot of fun sailing the Hobie Cats with my friends, plus there was a lot of good food!


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