Delta 1 – Day 14

Posted Sunday, July 8th, 2012 at 11:35 am

Delta 1 Trip Update Day 14 – Kieran, Program Director

In a slight edit to yesterday’s trip update we decided not to do a night sail last night, but instead wait to sail during the day. We ended up spending the night on Nevis, and this morning we set sail for St. Barth’s.

Because we were sailing in the daytime, we were able to make the passage in between Nevis and St. Kitts! This passage can only be done during the day because of reefs and shoals that have to be carefully avoided by following specific bearings off of Nevis and the rocky islands in the passage. It was pretty amazing to be passing over such shallow waters while appreciating the fact that the passage was saving us two hours worth of sailing that we would have spent sailing around the northern end of St. Kitts if we had done the sail in the dark. We then settled in for a long sail filled with reviewing advanced sail trim, and working in lessons on parts of the sail.

We arrived to St. Barth’s in some beautiful afternoon light, and anchored in Gustavia. After boat showers and an easy pasta dinner, we spent time hanging out on our boats, playing games. It has slowly begun to dawn on everyone that they head home soon, and so everyone took time to sit and appreciate the beautiful sunset and to think back on the trip… Aboard Groix, the crew ended the evening with a boat meeting in which they discussed their goals they had set earlier in the program, while aboard Patricia J the crew worked on writing “letters to their future self.”


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