Delta 1 – Day 13

Posted Sunday, July 8th, 2012 at 11:25 am

Delta 1 Trip Update Day 13 – Kieran, Program Director

Today was CHALLENGE DAY!!! This means that today all of our students took charge of the vessel, the schedule for the day, cooking meals, and more, while staff were entirely hands off. It is always very satisfying as a staff member to sit back and appreciate how far our students have come, and for them to realize that they have the skills necessary to take complete charge of these vessels without our help. Challenge day isn’t always easy though, as it involves our students learning how to communicate with each other all on their own, to trust each other, and to work through problems as they arise.

This morning, students woke themselves up to make breakfast before de-mooring and setting sails for Pinney’s Beach on Nevis. After a two hour sail, they worked through the challenges of mooring on their own before making lunch. After lunch, we got to do even more water sports! More time spent on the band-wagon, and wake skating and boarding for several hours of rotations. We then got our dinner prep under way before heading to the beach for the sunset and the chance for the girls to get their hair braided.

Our challenge day ended with dinner and cleanup, before we began prepping our boats for departure because tonight we are heading off on a night sail from Here to St. Barths! We will depart around 9:30 pm, sail through the night, appreciating the stars and the bioluminescence in the water. We will arrive by 6:00 a.m. in the morning, rotating through watches up on deck through the night so that everyone gets enough sleep and isn’t exhausted!

Until tomorrow, at St. Barths! A little French island paradise!


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