Foxtrot 1 – Day 16

Posted Friday, July 6th, 2012 at 10:42 am

Foxtrot 1 Trip Update Day 16 – Shandy, Mate

Olympics! The God and Goddess of the Sail Caribbean Olympics appeared before us today, resplendent in their robes and shiny jewels,and heralded by a crab with a foghorn (they all seemed strangely similar to our staff…). All crew were assembled ashore at Long Bay, and were eager to begin the traditional sail Caribbean Olympic challenge. The first challenge was to anchor a dinghy offshore. Then came a tug of war, won by the mighty crew of Da Vinci. The gallants of Geneve fought back in the hydration race, and a mighty struggle ensued for first team around the dizzy fender. Dizzy fender is played by donning mask, snorkel and fins, running 40 feet then spinning around a fender 10 times. Many methods were tried, but the best was invented by Gareth. On the return run from the dizzy fender he fell to the ground, kicked his fins to the waiting relay team, and rolled the final distance. His ingenious efforts brought Geneve back in the relay race, but were not enough to overcome the tenacious crew of Da Vinci. Olympics were wrapped up by a beautiful sand castle sculpture made from the Captains of both boats. Captain Desda became a buff man, and Captain Beta became a dragon bowline (Ask any sailor what a dragon bowline is).

Every day is packed full at Sail Caribbean, and it’s hard to believe the program is nearing its end. Tonight on docks, we enjoyed the “Talent/No Talent” show put on by both Foxtrot boats and the Sierra boat crew. The highlights were many, but include the fine singing of the staff, the actual talented guitar playing of Alex, and the lovely animal impersonations by the crew of Geneve.


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