Delta 1 – Day 11

Posted Friday, July 6th, 2012 at 2:10 am

Delta 1 Trip Update Day 11 – Kieran, Program Director

Today was jam-packed with a lot of activities. We got up and took advantage of the fact that we were on docks to make a glorious pancake breakfast, before Percy, the taximan/handyman/tour guide on the island showed up with our clean laundry! Always exciting to have a bag full of nice clean clothes! We then hopped in vans for a tour of the island as we made our way down to the Brimstone Hill fortress. On the way, we learned about the history of the Carib Indians and their massacre at the hands of the Europeans, as well as the battles that the French and the British waged for St. Kitts’ precious land.

After exploring the Brimstone Hill fortress, we headed to the Caribelle Batik factory, where we were given a demonstration on how Batik – a type of intricately decorated cloth – is created. The works of art they create there are very beautiful and are incredibly cheap for the amount of time they take to create. We then spent time appreciating the gardens just outside the Batik factory, even finding the seed pods that the Carib Indians used to paint their faces, which of course lead to an epic game of “ninja.”

Back on the boats for lunch, we were serenaded by our program director as he played his fiddle. After lunch, we headed out to the beach to do a beach cleanup for a couple of hours, before making our way back to the boats for showers, and the ultimate treat: a barbeque on the docks with burgers and hotdogs, chips, and an American flag cake. We even attempted to sing the anthem… somewhat successfully.

All in all, a busy yet balanced day.  Glorious!


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