Charlie 1 – Day 12

Posted Friday, July 6th, 2012 at 2:22 am

In the United States, fireworks are synonymous with the 4th of July.  Here in the British Virgin Islands, the Charlie fleet enjoyed an island version of this summer tradition: fireballs!  The entire Sail Caribbean fleet went ashore to Aragorn’s Art Studios at Trellis Bay to mingle and admire the carved iron, flame-filled fireballs on the beach.  Some of the fireballs were around 8 feet in diameter, and each was intricately carved so the silhouettes of the designs were illuminated by the bonfire within each ball.  A local island band played calypso music, and students dances, admired the art studios, lounged in hammocks, and had a fun evening ashore.

Previously in the day Charlie awoke at Long Bay for the beach and underwater clean-up.  The crews split up into groups of 4 to snokel along the shore and collect debris like glass bottles and plastic cups.  Meanwhile, Bravo and Charlie divers completed a SCUBA dive clean up.  It was a super rewarding way to spend the morning!

After heading back to boats for a bit of down time, there was one more surprise… BANANA BOAT!  In addition to the usual watersports options, the students had an absolute blast getting tossed around behind the ski boat on the new banana boat, even staying on through squalls!  Before dinner the fleet made the short hop over to Trellis Bay, and prepared for a night ashore.  A fantastic summer day and 4th of July!


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