Foxtrot 1 – Day 13

Posted Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 at 7:37 pm

Foxtrot 1 Trip Update Day 13 – Shandy, mate

Today the intrepid crews of Da Vinci and Geneve had many adventures! Jessica de-docked Geneve from Nanny Cay, and those who weren’t divers went for a sail on a small racing sailboat. The SCUBA divers began their advanced certifications with a wreck dive of the RMS Rhone. The Rhone was a British cargo ship that sunk in a hurricane in 1867, and is now one of the most famous and superb wreck dives in the Caribbean and the world.  All of this adventure was squeezed in before lunch, which found the fleet sailing around the south end of Tortola and headed for Diamond Bay on Jost Van Dyke. Da Vinci continued the excellence with a fast sail through the channel and a perfect mooring ball pick up, executed by Tommy and assisted the rest of the crew. Upon picking up the mooring ball, a game of Panic (a relay race in kayaks with much yelling and laughter) ensued.  The tasks for the game included everything from stealing a pear from the staff boat to finding a French flag on board.  After frolicking in the water for a while it was back to boats for dinner, boat meetings, and rest before more exploration tomorrow!


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