Charlie 1 – Day 10

Posted Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Charlie 1 Trip Update Day 10 – Steff, Captain

Buoyant Asset had a rock-solid day.  The group had a relaxing morning with pre-departure checks that happened like clockwork.  While we were de-mooring we saw a massive sea turtle that got the crew even more pumped for a great day.  Communication today was 100% improved – from dropping the mooring ball to preparing meals, the group has much to be proud of in their improvements over the last few days!  Buoyant Asset sailed through the Little Thatch Cut, which made the crew super proud of their team work and speed. The sail was great: a brisk breeze meant lots of heeling and just having a blast!  The staff was impressed with the crew’s precision in performing hard skills, and their self-starting initiative, which was apparent throughout the day.  Megan docked the boat perfectly at Nanny Cay with fantastic communication going back and forth. To top it all off, the crew created a Buoyant Asset dance routine.  A great, spirited day for all!


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